Estate Planning

Another area of the law that my practice consists of is helping people plan their Estate. Many of us hate this idea, planning for a time when we are no longer alive, but we all should.

We have loved ones that we need to take care and we especially should think what are wishes should be for our children.

There are ways to devise gifts to your love ones. We can write up Wills or Trusts. In doing this, you need to ask what do you have and who do you want to give it to. There are more questions that will be asked during the free consultation but if you can answer these two questions you are halfway there.

There are forms for a time in which you become incapacitated. A Power of Attorney is written to give some one the power to take care of your finances in this stage. A living will or a medical power or attorney gives someone the power to make medical decisions when you cannot speak.

Other areas of advice is on buying life insurance or setting up an IRA. I do not personally sell insurances or investments but my office will set you up with good reliable people who work in these fields.

These areas are a good way to have money that is directly delivered to your loved ones with no estate taxes.

There are many areas to think about like what happens if you were to go into a home for assistant living; is there ways that I can give my home to my children now but ensure that I continue to live there till I die; and you may have many more when you start to think about what happens when you have passed on.

It may not be the subject you want to address but you need to address it.

Make an appointment for a free consultation where my office and I will answer your questions and give you the help you request.

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