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Divorce and Custody

Hey friends, it’s Jaimi. Before I was Mrs. MCP, I was Mrs. Someone Else. MCP was a friend of mine from college days who I called in desperation when my then-husband told me that he didn’t want to be married to me anymore. If I could tell my pre-divorce self one thing, it would be not to worry.

MCP took the stress right out of the proceedings for me; I barely had to do a thing aside from providing information. No more yelling, no biting comments, the situation went from aggressive and angry to cool and professional. It was a truly terrible time, and I will always be grateful to Matt for shouldering the worry-burden graciously for me during that point in my life.

Now that we’ve worked together for several years, I know that he puts that level of compassion, professionalism, and cool into every case or client he has.  It is such a relief to walk into a courtroom and know that you’ll be well taken care of; that you have an aggressive advocate on your side.

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