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It is so fulfilling to help our clients! Thanks for sharing, Jaimi!
We are so happy that you are happy!!!
Thanks for the awesome review, RipJawn!
Matthew practices family law as well as criminal defense law; for this family, he successfully facilitated a custody agreement.
Thanks, Joseph C. !!! Clients like you make our days happy!
Satisfied clients are our goal! Thank you for sharing, Gloria R. !!!
If you want quality, hire MCP.
If you need a quality team on your side, go with Matthew C. Parson, Attorney at Law.

Hey friends, it’s Jaimi. Before I was Mrs. MCP, I was Mrs. Someone Else. MCP was a friend of mine from college days who I called in desperation when my then-husband told me that he didn’t want to be married to me anymore. If I could tell my pre-divorce self one thing, it would be not to worry.

MCP took the stress right out of the proceedings for me; I barely had to do a thing aside from providing information. No more yelling, no biting comments, the situation went from aggressive and angry to cool and professional. It was a truly terrible time, and I will always be grateful to Matt for shouldering the worry-burden graciously for me during that point in my life.

Now that we’ve worked together for several years, I know that he puts that level of compassion, professionalism, and cool into every case or client he has.  It is such a relief to walk into a courtroom and know that you’ll be well taken care of; that you have an aggressive advocate on your side.

Thanks, Marcia M.!


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Personable and Professional

5★on Avvo, Apr 23, 2015

This time I was facing a long sentence. Up to 10 years. Mr. Parson had represented me twice before on this same charge. Getting me probation on the Criminal Trespass felony. After I violated my probation got me out with no street time pulled. Now my 2nd violation was not going to be overlooked by the Judge. And again, I hired Matthew Parson. Knowing that Lawyers do not have a magic wand to wave. He visited me weekly in the jail to discuss my options with me. And also took all my calls personally when calling collect from VCP. I was so scared and worried about my fate. But to know I had an attorney in my corner was somewhat of a relief.

The day of sentencing arrived. Mr. Parson talked to the DA and came up with something that was close to a miracle for what I was facing. I ended up getting a 2 year Drug and Alcohol Program with 2 years probation after.

That program saved my life! And after I was done with the program I got a job doing Social Work. I did half of my probation and Attorney Parson petitioned the court to have the rest of my probation dropped. AND IT WAS!!!

Having someone working on your side who knows all the ins and outs of the law is so reassuring when you are at your lowest. I would recommend Attorney Matthew Parson to anyone who needs legal help.

– Sarah

During my divorce, I retained Mr. Parson and found him to be knowledgeable, trustworthy, and responsive. He made my life so much easier during a really difficult time! – J. H.

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