What do we charge?

Lots of people ask what we charge, friends.

For your reference, we are mid-level in terms of rates in the area.  For example, divorces range from $500 for a straight, no fault divorce, up to $2,000 if you’d like to add services, such as equitable distribution, or child custody.

Price also depends on the complexity of your case; do you want to go to trial?  We charge $1,000 per day for a trial, but you’ll find that if you follow your attorney’s advice, it’s often well worth your money.  To add to this, most trials only last one day.

Our goal in pricing is to give you the best possible legal service without breaking the bank!  We know that you come to us at an inconvenient time in your life.  So – although we don’t love payment plans, if you can come up with one in which your total is paid by the time that services are finished, we will work with you. 

So remember ~

We will NEVER ask you for a retainer, so you’ll never be surprised!


All of our pricing is flat fee and up front.

Here is a short video from MCP:



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